How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb [Bonus Track]

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb [Bonus Track]

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Fast Cars


Verse 1:
My cell is ringing no I.D. I need to know who’s calling.
My garden's overgrown; I go out on my belly crawling.
I got C.C.T.V. pornography C.N.B.C.
I got the nightly news to get to know the enemy.

All I want is a picture of you.
All I want is to be right next to you.
All I want is your face in a locket,
picture in my pocket, I take a pill to stop it.

I know these fast cars will do me no good.

Verse 2:
I’m going nowhere, where I am it is a lot of fun.
They’re in the desert to dismantle an atomic bomb.
I watch them channel hop, check the stocks I’m in detox. I
want the lot of what you’ve got, what you’ve got can make this stop.


Don’t you worry ‘bout your mind, don’t you worry ‘bout your mind.
You should worry ‘bout the day that the pain it goes away.
You know I miss mine sometimes.


Verse 3:
There is no fiction that will truly fit the situation.
I’m documenting ev’ry detail, ev’ry conversation.
(I’m) not used to talking to somebody in their body,
Somebody in a body
Somebody in a body





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