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Time Flies

Time Flies

It's Your Turn

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Vaya Con Dios

Time Flies

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Release Date:
Label: BMG
Rating: 5.0
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Tracklist of Time Flies

Disc 1
1 Times Flies   no lyrics yet - submit it
2 Forever Blue  3:58 no lyrics yet - submit it
3 Farewell Song  3:11 no lyrics yet - submit it
4 So Long Ago  2:57 no lyrics yet - submit it
5 Still a Man  3:38 no lyrics yet - submit it
6 Heading for a Fall  3:41 no lyrics yet - submit it
7 Mothers and Daughters  2:32 no lyrics yet - submit it
8 Bold and Untrue  3:10 no lyrics yet - submit it
9 Muddy Waters  3:19 no lyrics yet - submit it
10 For You  3:12 no lyrics yet - submit it
11 Brave Jane  3:17 no lyrics yet - submit it
12 At the Parallel  2:60 no lyrics yet - submit it


Eclectic, magical tunes that will satisfy the soul.

A Belgian band with a Spanish name that plays eclectic songs with powerful lyrics. That what you get and the result is pure magic. This album picks you up and takes you for an emotional ride with beautiful arrangements that run the gamut from mournful to vengeful. Nothing ordinary here, each cut combines great acoustical harmony with the sultry voice of Dani Klein putting her personal stamp on each tune. Listen to Farewell Song and then decide if you don't want to leave someone! Vaya Con Dios is a refreshing listen for those who want their music mellow but emphatic, creative but understandable and melodies which are tight, crisp and meaningful. This title has SOUL!

Most amazing Vocals

I have never heard a more powerfull voice before with great lyrics. I would really like to get more albums by Vaya Con Dios,,An excellent album by far.

Thee Blues-rock Album!

The voice and style is outstanding! I think no other Vaya Con Dios album is as good as this one, though the best is yet to come - all our fans would say that. Dani Klein and her band do know what it takes. This album is a must!