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Shine on Brightly... Plus

Shine on Brightly... Plus

It's Your Turn

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Procol Harum

Shine on Brightly... Plus

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Release Date:
Label: Westside
Rating: 4.0
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Tracklist of Shine on Brightly... Plus

Disc 1
1 Quite Rightly So  3:43 no lyrics yet - submit it
2 Shine on Brightly  3:33 no lyrics yet - submit it
3 Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)  3:47 no lyrics yet - submit it
4 Wish Me Well  3:44 no lyrics yet - submit it
5 Rambling On  4:31 no lyrics yet - submit it
6 Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)  2:51 no lyrics yet - submit it
7 In Held 'Twas in I: Glimpses of Nirvana/'Twas Teatime at the Circus/In   no lyrics yet - submit it
8 Seem to Have the Blues (Mostly All the Time) [*]   no lyrics yet - submit it
9 Monsieur Armand [*]   no lyrics yet - submit it
10 Alpha [*]   no lyrics yet - submit it
11 In the Wee Small Hours of Sixpence [*]  3:04 no lyrics yet - submit it
15 Tuo Diamante [*]   no lyrics yet - submit it


"Shine on Brightly" Indeed!

What the Rolling Stones and Traffic did for "black" music, Procol Harum did for classical European music. They represent the very best of early progressive rock, and "Shine on Brightly" is one of their strongest recordings. The finale of the "In Held Twas I" suite, in particular, is especially moving. A gem!

Great Album, Why The Funky Cover?

Great Album, Why The Funky Cover?

It has its moments, but don't make this your first Procol CD

The early Procol Harum combined a bluesy approach, touches of what later developed into progressive rock (they had a big influence on Genesis), and Dylanesque semi-nonsensical lyrics. This album doesn't have the consistent songwriting of the previous "A Whiter Shade of Pale" or the crisp production of its follow-up "A Salty Dog". The two best songs (by FAR) come right at the start, with "Quite Rightly So" and "Shine On Brightly". These are followed by some so-so blues-rockers, and the 17-minute "In Held 'Twas In I". Of the dozens of prog-rock epics I've heard in my time, this is about the worst. Perhaps because this one came first, and there wasn't anyone else to show them how to do it right. Though it includes a couple of catchy short sections, "In the Autumn of My Madness" and "Look to Your Soul", nothing happens for the first five minutes (except some lousy Zen-lite poetry even the Moody Blues would have left on the cutting room floor) and there's not even a minimal attempt to connect the pieces together into any kind of coherent whole -- some segments are just linked by white noise. The liner notes say that Pete Townshend called "In Held 'Twas In I" one of the inspirations for "Tommy"; it's a scary thought.