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How Do I Deal [CD5/Cassette Single]

How Do I Deal [CD5/Cassette Single]

It's Your Turn

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

How Do I Deal [CD5/Cassette Single]

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Release Date:
Label: Warner Brothers
Rating: 4.0
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Tracklist of How Do I Deal [CD5/Cassette Single]

Disc 1
1 How Do I Deal (Single Version) - Jennifer Love Hewitt   no lyrics yet - submit it
2 Try To Say Goodbye - Jory Eve   no lyrics yet - submit it


How do we deal with Jennifer Love's amazing voice? this single! Love really showed us she can sing with her debut single. and why shouldn't it be great? It's her first single, it's got a great video and it's off the I Still Know What You Did Last Summer other words the perfect mix. Jory Eve's "Try To Say Goodbye" is also a great song! this single is a must-have for Jennifer Love Hewitt fans.

The other J. Lo

This song by Jennifer Love Hewitt is from her motion picture "I Know What Your Breasts Did Last Summer Part 2". Love has a decent voice, and it's a decent pop song. It wasn't quite a hit, though; it only reached #59 on the Pop charts. The "b-side" is "Try To Say Goodbye", by someone called Jory Eve. This song is pretty forgettable. As a matter of fact, I have already forgotten it.

Who told this chick she could sing?

UGH! As if her acting isn't bad enough, we have to listen to her SING?

Somebody, please, put some duck tape on her mouth!