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Jenny from the Block [UK CD #1]

Jenny from the Block [UK CD #1]

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Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the Block [UK CD #1]

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Release Date:
Label: Sony Int'l
Rating: 3.0
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Tracklist of Jenny from the Block [UK CD #1]

Disc 1
1 Jenny from the Block [Bronx Remix (No Rap) Edit]   view lyrics
2 Alive [Thunderpuss Radio Mix]   view lyrics
3 Play [Mix]  3:31 view lyrics


A song so hysterically funny...I JUST love it!!!

This is the funniest CD I have ever purchased in all my life.

I had to give it five stars because it is SO hysterically funny.

There she is, Jennifer Lopez, strutting her funky stuff showing off her diamonds and pearls and belting out, "...all the rocks that I got, I'm still Jenny from the block..."

I fell out of my wheelchair laughing so hard, girl get REAL here!

You're not still Jenny from the block, you've moved on from that, who are you trying to kid?

I might have taken your song more seriously if you hadn't flaunted Ben Affleck on the video, tried to show your "normal" life and how "ordinary" you still were.

It was so wonderfully nauseating, I hung onto every word, watched every frame of the video, it did wonders for my depressed funny bone I can tell you!

In all fairness though the song is quite catchy, I like the tune a lot, it's got a good steady beat to it but the lyrics, oh my ribs ache from laughing so much, they are so PANTS!

So Jenny from the Block, keep on singing songs like this, because if you do, you are going to make a lot of people happy, some us might even laugh ourselves into a coma.

I know I almost did!


This track is soooo hott!
I know the rap version is better but it still good...
This cd may be rated 3.5/5 NOT 2/5...
The beats are off da hook and the song "Play" is tight...
Get this!
So good and it was logical it was been a hit!