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So Yesterday/Working It Out

So Yesterday/Working It Out

It's Your Turn

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Hilary Duff

So Yesterday/Working It Out

Cover So Yesterday/Working It Out click the image to get it in cd-cover size
Release Date:
Label: Buena Vista
Rating: 3.5
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Tracklist of So Yesterday/Working It Out

Disc 1
1 So Yesterday  3:35 view lyrics
2 Workin' It Out  3:15 view lyrics


Hilary ROCKS!

SHES Cool I Mean And I Like The Quality Of Her Voice Its So Cool

hilary sucks and is a hasbeen

this MINOR 1-HIT-WONDER (the song not even big enough to be called a hit) is over....or at least in music! she can basically only be seen on disney/nickelodean...except the little untalented white girl sometimes appears on MTV (no wonder they lose so much ratings when she comes on). She is untalented and does nothing which her music, except sing it horribly. Her voice is nothing big and really bad. She lypsynces and THANK YOU LORD that her music career is over! This must be another jojo or ciara!

that cover

It's awful. I'm surprised that is being marketed to teens.