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Little Voice

Little Voice

It's Your Turn

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Hilary Duff

Little Voice

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Release Date:
Label: Disney
Rating: 4.5
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Tracklist of Little Voice

Disc 1
1 Little Voice  3:03 view lyrics
2 Party Up [Australian Exclusive Track] [Dance Remix]  3:52 view lyrics


"Little Voice", Big Song!

"Little Voice" is one of Hilary's best songs ever. Hilary's voice is soft and pretty, when she sings this song. "Little Voice" is more of a rock tune than a pop tune and a bit of it is like dance music. "Little Voice" is a really cool single. "Party Up", one of Hilary's other songs, is on this single too. "Party Up" is a really cool dance song, and it's really great. This single is fantastic, and now make up your decision. Would you buy this? Well, let's see..Hilary's debut Metamorphosis has these two songs, plus eleven more great songs from Hilary.

LITTLE VOICE--10+/10--Little Voice has a good beat, filled with rock and dance music in it. Little Voice is one of Hilary's best songs ever. Her other best song is Workin' It Out.

PARTY UP--9/10--Really great song, makes you wanna move around and dance. The last verse is kind of boring though. If the last verse was better, this song would get a 9.5. Overall, this song is really good.

I have given you ratings. Given you comments. I have given you the type of songs these are. Given you how good they are.

Now YOU give YOURSELF a decision. Do you want to buy this?

Not "Little Voice," Big Voice!

This song "Little Voice" is straight off Hilary's Metamorphosis CD which rocks by the way. Little Voice is actually the best on the album, which makes this one rockin' too. Party Up is a wonderful song also. (except for last verse)But you're better off with Metamorphosis anyway.

Very Good

This song was taken from hilarys metamophosis. I think that this is a really good song to dance to and gets you up when you are feeling down. I think this is a very good song and a must have for all hilary duff fans