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Rêve Oriental

Rêve Oriental

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Rêve Oriental

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Release Date:
Label: Polygram France
Rating: 5.0
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Tracklist of Rêve Oriental

Disc 1
1 Quand S'Arrêtent Les Violons - Dalida   no lyrics yet - submit it
2 Lo T'Amero (Tres Palabras) - Sebastian Abaldonato   no lyrics yet - submit it
3 Femme Est la Nuit - Dalida   no lyrics yet - submit it
4 Flamenco - Sebastian Abaldonato   no lyrics yet - submit it
5 Feria - Dalida   view lyrics
6 Lady d'Arbanville - Dalida   no lyrics yet - submit it
7 T'Es Fier de Toi/Gigi in Paradiso - Dalida   no lyrics yet - submit it
8 Aghani Aghani (Gitano Gitano) - Sebastian Abaldonato   no lyrics yet - submit it
9 Salma Ya Salama [Sueno Flamenco][Version] - Sebastian Abaldonato   no lyrics yet - submit it
10 Ils Ont Changé Ma Chanson - Dalida   no lyrics yet - submit it
11 Akhsan Nass [Version 1998 en Égyptien] - Dalida  6:43 no lyrics yet - submit it


A Cultural and Rythmic Journey Unmatched!

It's difficult to put in words how this album touches the soul and the mind. It is an endless cultural journey that blends French, Arabic, Spanish, and Italian cultures into a delicious quiche that educates one's mind, and moves one's soul with passion, and longing for more. It is music that takes you on a journey to places you never thought possible. Like a rollercoaster ride that you get on, and once finished, you take the ride again and again. If you have no rythym before you listen to this album, you surely will gain some or go out and acquire some after listening to it. This album is a testimony that Music (no matter what language it is in) is a Universal Language that touches the heart and soul. I sure that whoever listens to this album, will not be disappointed in it.

Dalida at her very best!

Le Reve Oriental was the CD that introduced me to Dalida. Now, I am an ardent fan. This superbly remixed CD of some of the most famous songs of her extensive multilinguistic repertoire showcases her voice, her dynamism and her exoticism. I hope that more people discover Dalida by listening to this production. This CD is also a wonderful introduction to the world beat music with North African influences (if you like Dalida, try Alabina, or Radio Tarifa). The songs have been made more contemporary with Eurodisco remixing and additional production; do not let this to deter you from buying it...Dalida die-hard purists may flinch at it, but the remixing work was done with great care and love and it NEVER sounds discordant. Songs range from the wildly energetic 144BPM's of "Quand s'arretent les violons" to the amazing fusion of Flamenco/Italian disco/Egyptian hamash of "Flamenco Oriental", sung in Italian, French and Egyptian!, to the elegance and languidity of that 60's European classic "Lady d'Arbanville", to the Marlene Dietrich hymn "Ils ont change ma chanson". If you end up liking Dalida, I suggest that you also try the "companion" piece to this CD, the more subdued and smoky "A ma maniere" in which many of the songs made famous by her are given subtle remixes: " Gigi L'Amoroso", "Les Nuits sans toi",as well as many French and European "chanteusse" staples like "La vie en rose", "Parlez moi de lui", "Dans tes bras", etc. In any case, you will thoroughly enjoy (re)discovering the talent of Dalida.

Sadly gone before her time, but not forgotten.

Superb! Just like the previous reviewer says....

I agree with all three of the previous reviewers. First of, it REALLY is an ORIENTAL collection, just like the title says...Secondly, it is done with good taste and in the true spirit of 70's disko beat, which what Dalida was famous for(although, she was MUCH MUCH more than just a disko DIVA...but, you would have to buy another CD to know that). Thirdly, it is true that if you know Spanish and/or French, you'll get even more pleasure out of this collection. I HIGHLY recommend people to buy this CD and discover beauty of Dalida's voice, her Egyptian heritage, and European disco music. PEOPLE, who DISLIKE ARABIC influence in MUSIC or simply don't know much about it (and Eastern music, in general): THIS CD is a good STARTING POINT for OPENING UP YOUR MINDS... Oh, and, one more thing: "Lo T'amero" is JUST SO-O-O BEAUTIFUL!