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Sun Sessions

Sun Sessions

It's Your Turn

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Charlie Rich

Sun Sessions

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Release Date:
Label: Varese Records
Rating: 5.0
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Description: Sam Phillips has famously referred to Charlie Rich as the most talented man he had at Sun Records, and these 18 recordings might just bear him out. Rich always leaned toward the R&B side of rockabilly's R&B-country hybrid, and he had the soulful piano chops and wrenching vocal inflections to pull it off. The infectious romp "Lonely Weekends" became his first hit, but there's so much more to discover. The ferocious "Break Up" comes complete with feverish boogie-woogie-inspired piano licks and growling vocals that lend a menacing edge to lyrics that are relatively benign on the surface. "I don't know exactly what I'm a-gonna do," he snarls, and you start to wonder what the range of possibilities are. There's nasty blues ("My Baby Done Left Me") and gritty Ray Charles-influenced soul ("Who Will the Next Fool Be"). Even the vocal chorus and strings can't hide the pain and remorse in Rich's booze-wallowing "Sittin' and Thinkin'." The set closes with two of Rich's most stunning vocal performances: the anguished-but-determined, jazz-inflected "There Won't Be Anymore" and a spare demo of the gospel-influenced "No Headstone on My Grave." --Marc Greilsamer

Tracklist of Sun Sessions

Disc 1
1 WHIRLWIND  2:06 no lyrics yet - submit it
2 PHILADELPHIA BABY   no lyrics yet - submit it
3 REBOUND  1:52 no lyrics yet - submit it
4 BREAK UP   no lyrics yet - submit it
5 MY BABY DONE LEFT ME   no lyrics yet - submit it
6 LONELY WEEKENDS  2:11 no lyrics yet - submit it
7 EVERYTHING I DO IS WRONG   no lyrics yet - submit it
8 GONNA BE WAITING   no lyrics yet - submit it
9 WHO WILL THE NEXT FOOL BE  2:44 no lyrics yet - submit it
10 CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE   no lyrics yet - submit it
11 JUST A LITTLE BIT SWEET   no lyrics yet - submit it
12 MIDNITE BLUES   no lyrics yet - submit it
13 EASY MONEY   no lyrics yet - submit it
14 GOODBYE MARY ANN   no lyrics yet - submit it
15 SITTIN' AND THINKIN'  3:05 no lyrics yet - submit it
16 FINALLY FOUND OUT   no lyrics yet - submit it
17 THERE WON'T BE ANYMORE  2:25 no lyrics yet - submit it
18 NO HEADSTONE ON MY GRAVE   no lyrics yet - submit it


The essential Charlie Rich Introduction

Many people will remember Charlie Rich as a Countrypolitan and Country rock hitmaker from the 1970s.The music from this era of his career make be offputting for many,but to judge Rich just on that material would be a fatal mistake.

This CD belongs in anybody's collection and should spur people on to buy the Charlie Rich Sun box set.

Early Charlie Rich reminds me very much of Aubrey 'Moon' Mullican,his 1930s-1940s equivalent.Rich, like Moon,mixed blues,country and jazz and displayed an eclectic vocal diversity.On this CD, the ultimate highlights are the gutbucket blues versions of "No headstone on my grave","There won't be anymore" (not to be mistaken for the countrypolitan version from the 1970s!),"My baby done left me" and "Who will the next fool be".

The other styles here range from R&B to country ballads and all display Rich's versatility.This CD is representative of the real Charlie Rich - an artist not allowed to persist during his 1970s hitmaker era.