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C'est Pour Vivre

C'est Pour Vivre

It's Your Turn

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Celine Dion

C'est Pour Vivre

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Release Date:
Label: Br Music
Rating: 4.5
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Description: Celine Dion is clearly a phenomenon. She tops the charts in France although she is not French, nor even European, but Canadienne. On this side of the Atlantic, she hosted a network TV special, solidifying her star appeal to North American audiences, and she received six separate music awards in Billboard magazine's 1998 annual competition. Dion, however, is the kind of vocal artist who arouses strong feelings, pro and con. A New York Times critic has deplored what he called her "weepy bombast," but such comments have not cooled the ardor of her devoted fans. Most of them evidently feel that a little moist mascara is expected from any chanteuse worth her salt. This CD, which contains some of her early recordings, avoids any suggestion of excessive douleur and showcases instead her most winsome qualities. --Ed Killham

Tracklist of C'est Pour Vivre

Disc 1
1 Mon Ami M'A Quittée   no lyrics yet - submit it
2 Dodo la Do   no lyrics yet - submit it
3 Hymne a l'Amitie   view lyrics
4 Je Ne Veux Pas   view lyrics
5 C'Est Pour Vivre   no lyrics yet - submit it
6 En Amour   view lyrics
7 Ne Me Plaignez Pas   no lyrics yet - submit it
8 Chemins de Ma Maison   no lyrics yet - submit it
9 Hello Mister Sam   no lyrics yet - submit it
10 Trop Jeune À Dix Sept Ans   no lyrics yet - submit it
12 Paul et Virginie   no lyrics yet - submit it
13 Voix du Bon Dieu   no lyrics yet - submit it
14 Benjamin   no lyrics yet - submit it


J'aime C?line et Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi CD!

This is a really good collection of C?line's early music from the 80's! All of the songs are really good and C?line's voice completes them perfectly. And to that person who titled his/her review "dun buy this" they should've never wrote that review in the first place, this CD is the best! nnnnnnn eeeeee wayzzzzzzz, I highly reccomend that you do B-U-Y this CD of C?line.

Some of my favorite songs are:
track 1, track 2, track 3, track 11.

Really Nice!!!

I firt heard "Un Amour Pour Moi" on some Latin Compilation and had track the Celine Cd it was taken from!!! I finally did and I was stoked!!! I am a Celine fan but not a huge one but this album is really great! Her voice sounds excellent and the songs are fun and really nice to listen to!!! It's easy listening but isn't lame like other easy listening artists!!! I love this CD!!! Go Celine!!!
Favourite songs: La Religeuse, Mon Reve De Toujours, Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi, A Quatre Pas D'Ici and Billy!!!

Je t'aime, Celine!

This early French album by Mrs.Celine is a really great one!! I have loved Celine since November 1997, and I still love her and her music today! But this French cd that has a collection of her early hits, is awesome! I really love the songs, D'amour Ou D'amitie, Ne partez Pas Sans Moi, Visa Pour Les Beaux jours, Les oiseaux du bonheur (The birds of happiness, Celine sang this song in Karine's ear as Celine was holding Karine in her hands as Karine was dying in the hospital :(), I also love, Mon reve de toujours and A quatre pas d'ici, Ah heck! I love them all. lol! I recommend that you buy this CD today. It's awesome! Celine, Je t'aime!