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The 10 newest submitted lyrics:

  1. Daddy's Eyes (Sarah Connor)
  2. Je Taime Melancolie (Mylene Farmer)
  3. Ich habe einen kleinen Papagei - Co Co Co (Volker Rosin)
  4. With A Little Love (Modern Talking)
  5. Nuclear fire (Primal Fear)
  6. Magic eye (Primal Fear)
  7. Lightyears from home (Primal Fear)
  8. Mind machine (Primal Fear)
  9. Mind control (Primal Fear)
  10. Fear (Primal Fear)

Top 10 Tracks / Lyrics:

  1. No Me Ensenaste (Thalia)
  2. Non Je Ne Regreet Rien (Edith Piaf)
  3. First Love (Utada Hikaru)
  4. Perdono (Tiziano Ferro)
  5. Angels (Robbie Williams)
  6. La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf)
  7. My Immortal (Evanescence)
  8. Zehn Kleine Jagermister (Die Toten Hosen)
  9. Deine Schuld (Die Ärzte)
  10. Hymne A L'amor (Edith Piaf)

Top 10 Interprets:

  1. Die Ärzte
  2. Bushido
  3. Edith Piaf
  4. Die Toten Hosen
  5. Elvis Presley
  6. Rammstein
  7. Shakira
  8. The Doors
  9. Queen



iTunes 10 New Releases

#AndSeeThatsTheThing - EP - DeJ Loaf
#AndSeeThatsTheThing - EP by DeJ Loaf

Peanuts Greatest Hits - Vince Guaraldi Trio
Peanuts Greatest Hits by Vince Guaraldi Trio

Yung Rich Nation - Migos
Yung Rich Nation by Migos

Professional Rapper - Lil Dicky
Professional Rapper by Lil Dicky

28 Thousand Days - Single - Alicia Keys
28 Thousand Days - Single by Alicia Keys

Live in America - EP - Hozier
Live in America - EP by Hozier

Without Words: Synesthesia - Bethel Music
Without Words: Synesthesia by Bethel Music

Presence (Deluxe Edition) - Led Zeppelin
Presence (Deluxe Edition) by Led Zeppelin

Coda (Deluxe Edition) - Led Zeppelin
Coda (Deluxe Edition) by Led Zeppelin

In Through the Out Door (Deluxe Edition) - Led Zeppelin
In Through the Out Door (Deluxe Edition) by Led Zeppelin